Lake Judd

This Saturday had been set aside to summit Mt Anne with some members from the Pandani group.  Unfortunately the weather didn’t hold up and the walk was cancelled.  Instead of staying at home we decided to head up towards Scotts peak dam and do a shorter, less exposed walk in that area.  We chose Lake Judd as it was pretty much the only walk that fit that criteria.

Not too much to say about this one, the track was in good condition but some sections were very boggy.   I recall one bog hole being almost waist deep.  The weather wasn’t as bad as expected but the intermittent showers were enough to keep everything damp all day.  There is a track marked by a cairn that leads off the main track and up towards Schnells Ridge, unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to go up there but we will be back.

After passing through some thick scrub and avoiding bog holes you will eventually reach a button grass plain that leads to the Anne river.   The only way to continue is to wade through the river and rejoin the track on the other side.  From here the track climbs steadily until you reach the lake.  The track then follows the eastern side of the lake around to a spot where you can easily access the water.  Unfortunately the moment we reached the lake to have lunch the worst shower of the day came through and covered Mt Eliza and Mt Anne in cloud.  I’m sure the views on a clear day are spectacular.

All up I think it took a leisurely 6 hours.  Not sure about distance or elevation as I didn’t have my GPS on me that day.


Getting there:  Follows directions to Lake Pedder but turn off the highway onto a well maintained dirt road called Scotts Peak road.  Continue driving past the Mt Anne carpark until you see a signpost indicating the Lake Judd track.

IMG_6637The walk starts off easy with a couple of small inclines

IMG_6639Looking back towards the start of the track and Lake Pedder

IMG_6647Buttons grass plains looking east towards Mt Weld?  Anne river to the left.

IMG_6656Crossing the Anne River

IMG_6660Lake Judd and clouds shrouding Mt Eliza as we stop for lunch.