Reuben Falls

Today had been set aside to join a PWC walk to Mt Blackwood and Sandbanks Tier; unfortunately the weather forecast was pretty miserable and the walk was canceled.  Still keen to head out for the day, we decided to head south and check out some spots around the Weld River and Reuben Falls.

The first stop was to visit the Weld and Huon River junction.  To get there, we drove down a 4WD track next to Eddy Road, but we quickly reached a point where I could drive no further and we continued the rest of the way by foot.  There is no track to the rivers but the bush is easy enough to navigate and fairly open.

We then drove across the Weld River and along South Weld Road until we reached the giant sinkhole, and the start of the Reuben Falls track.  On a side note, this is also the start of the walk to Mt Weld. Although the sign says 70 minutes return, the walk to the falls is only about 10 or 15 minutes along, and follows Isabella Creek before dropping steeply down to the base of Reuben Falls.  We spent the next hour or so walking around the upper and lower sections of the falls taking pictures, and looking at the fossils that can be found in the rocks at the base of the falls..

On our way back out we made a quick detour to check out the lookout on Glovers Bluff. Unfortunately this highpoint had been used to roll tyres down to the plains below and somewhat spoiled the view.

Overall, it was a very easy day with minimal walking-but it was still nice to be out in the bush.  Hopefully the next time we are out here is to walk to Mt Weld.

Getting there:  Access to South Weld Road from the Airwalk has been blocked off due to road damage so the only way to Reuben Falls is via Southwood Road.  We drove in via Lonnavale and continued along Denison and Southwood road then took the first right past the entrance to the Southwood mill.  This road is called Eddy Road on the 1:25000 TASMAP maps but is unnamed on google maps.  Continue along this road and cross over the Weld River bridge until you reach a T intersection with South Weld Road.  Turn right at this intersection and follow South Weld Road until the end of the road and the start of the Rueben Falls Track.  To access Glovers Bluff, take the first right on South Weld Road and stay left at the fork.

Common heath
The obstacle
Weld meets Huon
Track on the way down
Cliffs before waterfall
Emily by the falls
Reuben Falls




Isabella Creek
The end of the road.

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