Disappearing Tarn

This was my third attempt at catching the elusive Disappearing Tarn; we’d had a significant amount of rain over the weekend and at 2pm I decided to leave work early, heading home to get my camera and boots.

The quickest way to walk to Disappearing Tarn is via the Milles Track that starts at the Springs upper carpark.  I was surprised to see only a couple of cars and thought to myself that it might already be too late to catch the tarn.  The walk out there took a bit longer than expected, as I was distracted by all of the native flowers in full bloom. At one point the track will split and you will need to stay right to continue towards Wellington Falls and Disappearing Tarn.   The tarn is located right at the start of the Potato Fields, and there is a large cairn on the right hand side that indicates where to leave the main track.

As I approached the tarn I heard some voices and found a few people relaxing in the sun.  There appeared to be some water left but it was draining fairly quickly.  I spent the next 15 or so minutes taking photos, and by the time I had left it had already dropped another 50mm.  I would recommend going earlier in the day, as it does drop very quickly.  After some more photos, I headed back along the Milles Track and past a number of people who were heading in to check out the tarn themselves.

All up: 7.8kms in just over two hours.

Getting there: Follow all directions to kunayi/Mt Wellington.  At The Springs, take a left to the upper carpark.  Follow signs toward the Ice House Track but stay left and continue along the Milles track.  As soon as you reach the cairn at the lower section of the Potato Fields, take a right and head across some large rocks for approximately 30m.

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 7.45.31 pm
GPS track of the walk.
Snow berry.
Tasmanian waratah.


Still some water left at Disappearing Tarn

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