Mt Marian and Collins Cap

Mt Marian Abel #127; 1144m

Accessing this Abel is possible from a number of different starting points, the easiest being driving along the East West Trail.  However, we decided to head up from the Myrtle Forest Track and check out a few other land marks along the way.  Unfortunately there was very little water coming down Myrtle Forest Falls, so we pushed on towards the track junction just after crossing the creek and continued right towards the Collins Cap Trail. This was the first time I had walked through this area and was surprised to see a number of large trees and heaps of Candle Heath, particularly in the more open sections of track.

We reached the Collins Cap Trail in 45 minutes and decided to continue up towards the East West Trail.  Once on the East West Trail, we headed west and followed it to the shortcut that bypasses the Mountain River Track and rejoins the East West Trail just past the Trestle Mountain turnoff.  This whole section of track is easy walking along fire trails and provides good views of Collins Bonnet, Mt Marian and the Derwent Valley through the trees.  We reached the start of the Mt Marian Track 1 hour and 40 minutes after starting, but decided to go and check out Fools Tarn first.  It was just by chance that we decided to leave the trail where we did and stumbled across a number of cairns that led us directly to our destination.

We then had the idea to head further west to try and find a reasonable way down to Hutchinson’s Falls. After finding a few more cairns we thought we were on the right track, but quickly ended up in some THICK scrub- a nice mix of banksia, tea tree and bauera over uneven ground.  We gave up shortly after and returned to the East West Trail to summit Mt Marian. We reached the top in 30 minutes, following a well-marked pad and took a few quick snaps before heading back to the car.  On the way back we ducked up to Collins Cap and were lucky to see some nice clouds forming over Collins Bonnet. The howling wind meant we didn’t stay too long on the summit, quickly taking some more photos before making a speedy return back down. Emily managed to over-estimate how quickly she could negotiate the downhill, ending up with a bruised knee and torn pants for her trouble.  Over all this is a very enjoyable walk-  plenty to see, not far from home and we have plans to return over winter.

All up 19.7 kms in 6.5 hours with 1170m

Getting there: If coming from Hobart, drive through Collinsvale and turn left onto Springdale Road, follow for 1.8kms to Myrtle Forest Road then you will reach the boom gate and carpark.


Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 8.37.45 pm
GPS track
Heading up through the forest
Myrtle Forest Falls
Top of Myrtle Forest Falls


A large Pineapple Grass clump and Mt Marian behind
Collins Bonnet
Fools Tarn
One of the cairns we found leaving Fools Tarn
Start of the Mt Marian Track on the East West Trail
Pineapple Grass fields on the Mt Marian Track
Collins Cap (L) and Collins Bonnet (R) from Mt Marian


Collins Cap from the shortcut
Yellow Cliffs from Collins Cap
Collins Bonnet from Collins Cap


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