Parsons and Clerk

Parsons and Clerk had popped up on the Pandani program and we were keen to join, as we were already staying in the area after a family gathering.  There are a couple of ways to access this Abel; one from forestry roads one the southern side (as described in The Abels and our route for the day) or from Gunns Marsh Road on the north western side, that I believe might be closed some times of the year.  After a quick meeting at the bakery in Campbell Town for snacks and coffee, we set off along the back roads to Cressy.  We reached the boom gate and were walking down the road by roughly 9 am in the cool but clear weather. An old snig track, 1.8kms past the gate and 50m past a small creek, provides a clear walking path up through the forest and towards the highpoint.  The snig track splits occasionally but there are a number of small cairns and remnants of tape to point you in the right direction.  After a while the track begins to narrow as you enter thicker bush, and care needs to be taken to keep heading in the right direction.

The tapes disappeared once we reached a large rock formation, and from there on in it is all track-free.  The next few hours were spent alternating between rock hopping on slippery scree fields or finding the path of least resistance through moderate scrub.  After 3.5 hours we popped out the forest and could see the southern highpoint- a short scramble up large boulders and pushing through some scrub led us to what appeared to be the highpoint. However, we quickly realised that the actual highpoint was about 30m further north so we all went over to claim our point after some lunch. We tried to follow the same route back for the most part, picking the clearest possible line through the scrub to make it back to the cars just before dark.

All up 12.4kms in 8 hours and 20 minutes with 856m ascent.

Getting there: From Campbell Town, take Macquarie Road C522 towards Cressy.  After what seems like a long time, turn left onto Lake River Road until you reach a locked boom gate.

Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 6.40.00 pm
GPS track
Looking south
Quick snack on the way
Lichen covered rocks
Large rock formations
The summit appears
Climbing up to the top. Arthurs lake on the right
Looking south from near the summit
Looking north east towards Ben Lomond NP


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