Meetus Falls

A large chunk of the state was closed due to the ongoing threat from bushfires, so we decided to head to the east coast and find a few waterfalls. Our first stop was Meetus Falls on the Cygnet River. We arrived to find a surprisingly empty carpark that has a number of BBQs and picnic areas. The walk to the lookout is only 5 minutes down the track and provides a great top-down view of the large waterfall.

We were keen to get a closer look so we back tracked to the junction and made our way down to the Cygnet River. We arrived at the river in 10 minutes and found a nice unnamed waterfall just near the end of the track.  We then headed upstream along the rocks to get to the base of Meetus Falls. Unfortunately there were a number of plastic bottles and cans around the base of the falls that had most likely been thrown from the viewing platform above.

All up 3.1kms with 188m ascent

On our way back  down south we went to check out Lost Falls. Unfortunately this monstrous waterfall was nothing more than a trickle so we will have to come back another time.

Getting there: Meetus Falls can be accessed from McKays Road, just past the Lake Leak turnoff on the Lake Leak Highway (B34) when coming from Campbell Town.

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 7.55.11 pm
GPS route
Meetus Falls from the viewing platform
Heading down to the river
A dry creek bed
At the bottom
Unnamed falls
Meetus falls from below
Looking over a very dry Lost Falls

2 thoughts on “Meetus Falls”

  1. There is another small falls further north on the road to Royal George, name escapes me, but I remember a very pleasant afternoon spent swimming in the hole at the base and not a soul about for 3 hours or so. I’ll look them up and let you know.
    Looked at Lost Falls recently and like you found it very dry, but later on, discovered on some maps that there is a rim walk, which also takes you to the base. Looked scary though from the vantage point where the lookouts are located.


    1. Is that Meadstone Falls you were thinking of? We were thinking about going up there too but it was already getting late in the day. I’ve seen photos of it and it looks like a great spot. We stood on top of Lost Falls and found some attachment points drilled into the rock, looks like someone uses it for a bit of abseiling.


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