Projection Bluff

On the way back from our weekend away in Sheffield, we thought we would take the opportunity to finally get up to Projection Bluff.  The walk starts on the Lakes Highway and quickly enters some stunning and unexpected myrtle forest. The cairned/taped track then climbs steeply through the open myrtle forest to the escarpment, which was reached in just 25 minutes.  The true highpoint is  roughly 1 km further North as the crow flies and can be reached by following a cairned route along the top of the escarpment. This pad provides good views of  Liffey Bluff and Drys Bluff just across the valley.  

We reached the summit in an hour and took a few snaps of Quamby Bluff before returning to the car. Although this is a very quick walk, the forest on the way up is well worth seeing and the summit does provide some good views of the other bluffs that make up the Great Western Tiers.

All up 4.7kms in 1hour and 50 minutes with 250m ascent.

Getting there: The start of the track is marked on the Lakes Highway at this location .


Shallow lake by the track
Into the myrtles
Mossy old myrtle
Liffey Bluff
On the escarpment
Looking North
Looking west from the summit
Quamby Bluff and the Meander Valley from the summit

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 9.50.09 pm.png

2 thoughts on “Projection Bluff”

  1. It’s one I havent done. I keep driving past to another location and never leave enough time to do the climb.


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