Sandbanks Tier

The aim for the day was to climb a few Abels on the eastern side of yingina, starting with Sandbanks Tier. We had contemplated climbing this peak a number of times on the way through Poatina, but never ended up stopping. We parked at the small carpark just off of the highway and began our walk up the gravel road. A large number of rocks and dirt from this area was taken to build the Miena Dam and the area has since been fenced off to allow rehabilitation. We then followed a small creek up towards a large rock scree, which had the remnants of an old fence at the bottom and followed it as long as possible before hitting a couple of scrub bands. The next 20 or so minutes were spent alternating between slippery scree that had been in the shade all morning and the odd patch of scrub throughout.  The occasional cairn was more confusing than helpful, as it was pretty obvious which way we had to go.

As we approached the summit from the south we had to zig zag a bit to avoid large patches of scoparia and slippery rock ledges. We arrived at the summit in just under 60 minutes and found some shelter from the wind on the eastern side. From here we had good views in all directions and could make out the summit of our next Abel just across Arthurs Lake…

All up 4.1kms in 2 hours and 30 minutes with 310m ascent.

Getting there: The walks starts at a small carpark by Poatina Road, just past the turn off to Cramps Bay. Link here

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 8.33.47 pm

Old fence line near the start of the first scree field.
Looking up towards the summit.
Looking west.
Summit cairn.
Looking south.
The paddock near the carpark.