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Mt Barrow

We left Launceston early on our way out to the Weldborough area and thought we might bag a quick Abel on the way.  The easiest to get was Mt Barrow and neither of us had ever been up that way before. The drive up the side of Mt Barrow winds through some nice forest before reaching a large scree field that is reminiscent of Jacobs Ladder on the way to the Ben Lomond ski fields.

We then parked at a turning circle just below the large communication tower and proceeded up towards the ridge. There is a large metal and concrete staircase that provides access to the comms station which we followed to avoid walking through the scrub.  The landscape was typical of any other mountainous region of jurassic dolerite and we were quickly rock hopping our way along the cliff top towards the summit that lay a few minutes further west.

All up 40 minutes with 109m ascent.

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 8.07.21 pm
GPS route
Looking north towards Mt Arthur from the summit
Looking south
The road up
Emily on the summit
This bird followed us across the top